Computer Stuff

Computer Stuff

My current system is a Desktop running Windows 7 and OpenSUSE Leap and my laptop which runs Windows 7 and Linux Mint 18.02 Sonya with a Cinnamon front-end. 

In the past my Desktop was my go to machine with an Intel DX79SR and hex Intel i7 chip, it also has a lot of Corsair stuff like a Corsair power block and liquid cooling. I still have to go home and see what it all is.  When my external hard drives got taken, I went through a lot of data loss and recovery attempts and then reformatting of my hard drives.  However much of my art work and 3D and Unreal Engine programming, as well as my most important Python prototyping and C/C++/C#/Java programming was done on that desktop, especially my game projects that were sold to EA and Disney.


My laptop is a new experience, specifically the many different flavors of Linux going through it, and I still prefer Linux Mint to everything else, but some distributions of Linux work better on different hardware than others, and Linux Mint is too finicky for my desktop although I would prefer it.  I find SUSE unwieldy, and will probably go to Ubuntu on the desktop next.

I can run Adobe Server2 and MySQL and MariaDB from my laptop, and I continue to work with the CLI as I did in the past on Sun Solaris UNIX at Trinity in the 1990's as well as Silicon Graphics machines.  But I must say that my lap top-- though now obsolete-- is probably the equal of those Silicon Graphics machines in the 1990's on which they made Jurassic Park.


I prefer to have a Microsoft Visual Studio with the capability to use both Python 2 and 3, and I prefer to prototype in Python or C, and then as my needs change, move to whatever language they need.

For instance, when I developed Galaxy of Heroes from scratch and unasked, which is now in-house at EA Games, because I sold it to Disney and EA, I used Python over two days to quickly get an game working in an engine.  I then had to rewrite the engine, and eventually move the entire piece into Dessault Systems software because of an OOP bottleneck that Visual Studio couldn't easily handle without proprietary libraries.  Finally, Disney owned the characters and character art necessary for the game to truly succeed, but my inspiration was timely and sold a year before the release Episode VII- The Force Awakens. 

The need for rapid prototyping is almost gone except for the individual developer, and most tools have already been made.

My newest game ideas rotate around using either the Unreal Engine IV (of which I helped upgrade the physics engine making it the "go to" engine again in 2015) or Android SDK.

A word on the power of CMAKE and the CPP (C Pre-processor): people keep trying to get rid of C Language.

I believe it is because they want to make it commercial and owned by a few, like what they did with the MATLAB language that went from open-source to a purchased product owned by a few when folks weren't paying attention.

C is incredibly powerful, and C++ is written in C.  However, C is more low level, and faster--

23 times faster than Java.


So I love C.

It can be used for everything from CNC machine programming, fax machines, to upgrading physics engines in your favorite game IDE like Unreal IV.

How did I do it?

It took physics equations from physics books, I imported those single equations into Octave (the open-source equivalent of MATLAB), compiled and took the output and had the C preprocessor call it as an included executable-- not a library-- thus allowing the Unreal Engine IV to use real time graphic capabilities supposedly impossible for realistic rendering.


The time it takes for those real-time rendering of lighting and lightning is impossible for the NURBS for even the most modern high-end video cards.

So how was it possible?

Because it took over 12 hours to compile the C program on a i7 machine with 32 Gbs of RAM.

But once it was done, it could be called from a video card with the math already done.

I got no glory for this other than the developers making the Unreal Engine IV free for users and developers.

SO what am I doing today?

I am building my websites, continuing my experiments in electronics and electricity of tube amplification, and looking for a real job where the folks will pay me for my efforts.

I am also developing two new games: f(x)=Dominion and a different game based on the I Ching.

I am tired of shooting things and greatly cheered by the developers of CupHead and their efforts.

That is all for now, other than more ZBrush work.

Have a good day!


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